🎉Party Favors

A scalable, easy-to-use, modular design framework for all things PartyCity.com

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1. Assets

Assets are created by selecting how many blocks should show up in each row. A designer can select a "Three Up" (meaning three blocks in a row), "Two Up", or "One Up".

Inside each row, a designer can add different content blocks, such as images, call to actions, etc.

A designer can preview their work at any time using the "Live Preview" tool.

2. Modifiers

There are multiple permutations of each content asset that a designer can utilize to completely customize the design of each row and block.

These options like, size, padding, height, position, and color, allow designers to create scalable responsive designs to match any business need.

3. Slots

After a designer has finished creating all the assets that should exist on a page, they create create a new slot configuration.

From here, a user can select assets, rearrange them in any order they should appear and view them with Live Preview.

Upon clicking Save, the slot configuration gets saved into SFCC.